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Epidemiologists, statisticians, health economists

  • Prof. dr. Olivier Degomme (Department of Public Health and Primary Care - UGent)
  • Joren Raymenants (MD and PhD researcher at the Department of Laboratory Medicine at UZ Leuven - KU Leuven)
  • Prof. dr. Niel Hens (Department of Math and Statistics - UHasselt)
  • Prof. dr. Jeroen Luyten (Department of Public Health and Primary Care - KU Leuven)

Legal and privacy experts

  • Prof. dr. Tom Goffin (Department of Public Health and Primary Care - UGent)
  • Prof. dr. Gert Vermeulen (Department of Criminal Law and Social Law - UGent)
  • Hanne Elsen (Data Protection Officer - UGent)

Data scientists

Prof. dr. ir. Sofie Van Hoecke (Department of Electronics and Information Systems - UGent / IMEC)

Klaas Nelissen (KUL), postdoctoral researcher at the Research Centre for Information Systems engineering (LIRIS) KU Leuven

Communication technology and cloud scientists

  • Prof. dr. ir. Jeroen Hoebeke (Department of Information Technology - UGent / IMEC)
  • Prof. dr. Bruno Volckaert (Department of Information Technology - UGent / IMEC)

GIScienttists, LBScientists geomaticians

  • Prof. dr. Nico Van de Weghe (Department of Geography - UGent / CartoGIS)
  • Prof. dr. Haosheng Huang (Department of Geography - UGent / CartoGIS))

Digital technology experts

In The Pocket team:

  • Jeroen Lemaire, CEO In The Pocket
  • Stephane Jans, Enterprise Architect In The Pocket
  • Thomas Mons, CTO In The Pocket
  • Bram Vandenholen, Solution Architect In The Pocket
  • Christophe Rosseel, Chief Service Delivery Officer In The Pocket