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  • mHealth: an abbreviation for mobile health, a term used for the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices
  • Encounter: having been at or below a distance from another person at the same time t during a period >= p
  • Transmission tracing: mapping how the virus spreads; either through person-to-person transmission, or through environmental transmission
  • Contact tracing: mapping how the virus spreads through person-to-person transmission
  • Contact: an encounter that really resulted in close interaction between two or more people
  • Cluster: concentration of people in a perimeter, or in a vehicle, either simultaneous or over time
  • Point-of-Interest: a perimeter or building for which we want to monitor the visits
  • Movements: movement of people between two points
  • Path: a calculated route based on GPS measurements
  • Visit: having been at a given point-of-interest, either in open sky or in a building
  • Hotspot: Cluster with infections above a given threshold
  • Exposure: Contact with a possibly infectious person, approximated through an encounter with an infectious subject
  • Spreader: A subject who is the source or possible source of multiple infections. I.c. a person appearing in multiple Exposures and/or appearing in multiple Hotspots.