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This platform is all about inviting contributions. This section identifies a number of concrete challenges to focus the efforts. Contributions are encouraged on the list itself and on the solutions to the challenges.

Challenge: What are sufficient measures to avoid repurposing of data and function creep in a trust-based model?

Challenge 1

Challenge: How might we use geolocation data for detecting potential environmental transmission without revealing the identity of the subject before their consent?

Challenge 2

Challenge: How might we match the (virtual) contact graphs of autonomous contact tracing and human contact tracing without revealing the identity of the subjects before their consent?

Challenge 3

Challenge: How might we assert the status of an individual who needs to self-quarantine towards the instances that need to provide active or passive support in a solution where the identity of the subject is occulted by design?

Challenge 4

Challenge: How might we combine the Apple/Google Exposure Notification Framework with other solutions to obtain a wider coverage of the overall system while leveraging the BlueTooth improvements linked to the framework?

Challenge 5