Approach for assessing solutions

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In this publication, we use the following terminology:

  • A solution is a combination of software, hardware, processes, procedures (automated or manual) and conventions that intends to produce a relevant outcome.
  • A solution component is a potential part of a solution. It cannot produce a relevant outcome by itself.
  • An Implementation scenario combines solutions with the intention to create multiple outcomes or even creating novel outcomes that would not be possible without combining the solutions.


Based on the definition of the problem domain (the overall system and the requirements for achieving outcomes) we propose an assessment template.

This template is applied to existing and proposed solutions and solution components (present and proposed) based on the available information in the public domain. The list of solutions and solution components can be found under List of solutions and List of solution components

Finally, multiple scenarios are identified and discussed. The list of scenarios can be found under List of scenarios

Important note

Although much care was put in being as objective and complete as possible in this assessment, we invite external scrutiny and contribution to this process.