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When the full extent of the COVID-19 pandemic started to dawn, the world saw a myriad of technologic initiatives attempting to address the crisis. The initiators of this wiki are themselves involved in experiments that explore the potential of m-Health to mitigate the pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis (see Appia+ consortium). From the outset, these initiatives triggered a lot of response from the public opinion and from privacy activists about the perils of technology. There is indeed a risk to prematurely rolling-out technology during a period of widespread panic. At the same time, it would be a waste to not employ the technological capabilities at our disposal in order to help address this crisis. Both the speed and the spread of the contagion is unprecedented in modern times. At the same time there is a massive impact on public health systems and on the economy.

It is in this context that the Appia+ consortium was founded with the following mission: to explore how m-Health can help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that the initial bias towards immediate action has faded away, the consortium has gathered their learnings in this wiki. It intends to serve the following purposes:

  • to create a body of knowledge that can inform the debate around m-Health and the fight against COVID-19
  • to propose a framework for comparing and assessing technological solutions